Creating your Future of Renewable Energy Transport
What We Do
  1. Invent Vacupulsion
    Invent Vacupulsion
    We want a world where humanity and nature live in harmony. A world where you can move through the air without emissions and without trampling nature under wheels and roads. We invent Vaporjets so you will be free to fly with renewable energy.
  2. Create Vaporjets
    Create Vaporjets
    We design your future of flight to enable you to land or take flight anywhere, quietly and safely, without runways or propellers. We design the renewable energy propulsion we call Vacupulsion. We create your freedom to fly with no pollution... in Vaporjets.
About Us
Hello! Welcome to Vacupulsion.

Do you dream of a world where you don't have to bump along roads breathing in exhaust fumes, or get stuck in time wasting traffic jams? We do too. 

In fact we would like to see a world with less roads! Roads slice through nature and confine movement. We believe humans should have the freedom of birds to go straight from place to place.

Yes we are crazy about leading the world into a sustainable future where people are free to travel leaving a vapor trail of pure water behind. That's water created by burning hydrogen with oxygen. The hydrogen can be created on the ground by splitting water using solar energy. The technologies exists and our work is to bring them together to create a new system of flight.

Sapoty Brook is an Australian entrepreneur trained as an electrical engineer at Monash University, and physicist at Melbourne University, with a Master's by Research at Deakin University.

He was born into a family of aviators. After more than 25 years in various businesses, innovations, and research fields, he invented and patented a Drag-reduction, propulsion, and lift generating system which he calls Vacupulsion®. After several years of experimentation, simulation, and systems synthesis he founded the company Vacupulsion Pty Ltd.

Vacupulsion's mission is to design, develop, and optimise vaporjets for local and regional transport and to support the introduction of vaporjets worldwide. 

In view of the urgency to stop climate change in its tracks, we intend Vacupulsion® technology to be open to all innovators commercialising the technology, having a licence agreement with a two percent royalty on any relevant gross revenue.